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The Partridge: A Ground-Dwelling Pheasant Relative

Partridges belong to the pheasant family, but unlike their long-tailed cousins, they are flat-footed ground birds. Similar to a plump chicken, the partridge has a shorter tail and neck. These birds typically reach a maximum length of 30 cm, weigh between 300 and 450 grams, and have a wingspan of 45 cm.

While partridges can fly, they prefer to remain on the ground. Even when escaping predators, they may take flight with some difficulty. Partridges nest and feed on the ground, inhabiting areas like plains, marshes, steppes, and desert edges. They avoid heavily forested regions.

Their diet is primarily composed of grains and seeds. However, younger partridges in their first few weeks rely on protein-rich insects such as worms, spiders, and ants.

Partridge Diversity:

Several partridge species exist, including the Przewalski partridge, Stone partridge, Chukar partridge, Philby's partridge, Barbary partridge, and Red-legged partridge.

Additional Details:

  • Plumage: Partridges typically have brown and grey plumage, with some species exhibiting additional patterns or markings.
  • Calls and Mating Rituals: Partridges are known for their distinctive calls, which vary by species. During mating season, males perform elaborate courtship displays to attract females.

Benefits of partridge meat

Chicken meat is one of the meats that is consumed at the table, and partridge meat has the potential to be a good substitute for it, because the meat is very nutritious, rich in protein, low fat, extremely delicious, and also digests very quickly, which means it is easily digested, and those who have stomach problems can easily use it, and other properties that we will mention each of them in order.

1)  Fever-relieving properties of partridge meat:

Our body shows different and strange heat and capital reactions. Some of these reactions are severe fever. By including this substance in our diet, we can prevent the occurrence of thermal reactions and capital of our body, and this is the main reason for using partridge meat in different countries.

2) Improvement of sex certificate:

  Another medicinal property of partridge meat is strengthening and improving sexual powers. Partridge meat helps a lot because it increases the endurance of the body. Therefore, it can be called a suitable source for strengthening sexual powers.

3) Preventing osteoporosis:

 partridge meat is used in different regions of the world to treat osteoporosis. Grilled meat helps the body tissue to strengthen its bone tissue in the best way. If you are afraid of osteoporosis in your old age, be sure to include partridge meat in your food basket.

4) Increasing the power of vision:

By using partridge meat, you can easily prevent eye diseases as much as possible or make the eye resistant to weakening. If you want to multiply your eyesight or if your vision tissues are damaged, be sure to consume partridge meat.

5) Helping kidney activity:

One of the most important properties of partridge meat is to improve kidney function. partridge meat can help to increase the proper function of kidneys by reducing the production of uric acid, which can help eliminate toxins and remove them from the body.

6)Treatment of nerve problems:

Nerves can be mentioned among the biggest properties of partridge meat. Those who have weak nerves can use partridge meat in their meals and it is also very useful for strengthening the nerves and psyche and insomnia. In addition to nerve problems, if you have sleepless nights, you can use partridge meat. By consuming partridge meat, you will not have insomnia and nervous problems.

7) Improving memory:

The next thing about the properties of partridge meat that is mentioned is the improvement of memory. Busy everyday life may cause you to forget your work. You can solve this problem by consuming partridge meat.

8) Sleep regulation:

If you are one of those people who feel weak and tired during the day and night, you can use partridge meat. partridge meat provides energy to the body during the day and night, improves performance and regulates your energy, but consuming too much of it to get more energy is not recommended at all and causes problems for your body.

9) Treatment of respiratory problems:

Respiratory problems are one of the most common problems of humans. In addition to the weather, it is also related to nutritional problems, and you should choose food that does not weaken the function of the lungs, and one of the other properties of partridge meat is to improve the function of the lungs and increase energy, which makes inhalation and exhalation easy.

10) Ensuring heart health:

Ensuring and maintaining heart health is one of the most important human concerns. One of the main causes of heart diseases is fat in food, which has a damaging effect on heart health, and partridge meat has the lowest amount of fat among poultry meat. Having low fat and cholesterol will be useful for maintaining heart health, and on the other hand, the meat of this bird is rich in potassium, which can be harmless for people with high blood pressure.

11) Pregnant women:

partridge meat is useful for pregnant women who suffer from severe nausea and vomiting. Due to its high nutritional value, the consumption of partridge eggs is effective for children, pregnant and lactating mothers, the elderly, and those who need high protein absorption. The reason for nausea in pregnant women is due to a weak stomach, high moisture in the stomach, poor digestion, weak liver, or a large amount of material being sent to the stomach, in which case partridge meat and partridge eggs can help.

For whom it is not recommended

Consuming too much of it has many consequences. Many people believe that partridge meat is low in fat and cholesterol, and with this method they want to reduce their blood cholesterol, but this is a wrong idea and they will get sick by consuming too much partridge meat, and this meat should be consumed in moderation.

If you are one of those people who live in hot and dry climates, we recommend that you consume partridge meat with pickles and Angbin vinegar, because consuming too much of this meat in hot and dry cities can cause many problems for you.

It is better for cold-tempered people to prepare and consume it with a little spicy spices such as pepper and cinnamon.

It is better for warm-tempered people to prepare and then consume bird meat with a little vinegar and water. It is better for people with a humid temperament to consume meat in the form of grilled and roasted meat, and for leaner birds, it causes the release of toxins and the elimination of toxins from the body.

It is better for those who are dry and constipated to use fatter birds in cooked form or in soups and stews.

partridge meat standards

Partridge Meat Quality Standards

This text dives into the various factors influencing the quality of partridge meat, particularly the Chukar partridge. Here's a breakdown of the key points:

Factors Affecting Quality:

  • Age, nutrition, genetics: These factors influence muscle development and overall meat quality.
  • Diet, storage, and slaughter conditions: These practices can significantly impact the final product.

Quality Analysis:

The text explores various quality parameters assessed in partridge meat, measured 24 hours after slaughter:

  1. pH: This measures meat acidity. A higher pH (less acidic) indicates a shorter shelf life due to increased microbial growth. Partridge meat typically falls within a moderate pH range.
  2. Shear Force: This reflects meat tenderness. Partridge meat exhibits lower shear force compared to chickens of a similar age, suggesting greater tenderness.


        3.Water Holding Capacity (WHC): This parameter indicates how well meat retains moisture. Partridge meat demonstrates a                     higher WHC than chicken, meaning it retains more juices and has better sensory qualities.

        4.Meat Color: Color influences consumer perception of freshness. Partridge meat color depends on the bird's genetic ability to                  produce pigments and the deposition of carotenoids. Factors like brightness, redness, and yellowness are considered.

         5.Intermuscular Fat (IMF): This fat content within muscles impacts texture and juiciness. Genetics and production systems i i                     influence IMF levels. While IMF helps retain moisture, it can negatively correlate with overall moisture content.


The text emphasizes pH as a crucial indicator of partridge meat quality. A moderate pH range is ideal.

Additional Notes:

  • The document focuses on evaluating partridge meat after slaughter and doesn't cover selecting birds at the store.

Our products

We are proud to offer high-quality partridge meat that surpasses Iranian standard requirements. Here's what sets us apart:

  • Exceptional Quality: Our partridge are raised under strict supervision, exceeding the Ministry of Health's regulations. This ensures the birds reach adulthood naturally, resulting in superior quality meat.
  • Freshness You Can Taste: We prioritize freshness throughout the raising and processing stages. You'll experience the difference in the taste and texture of our partridge.
  • Expert Advice & Customization: We offer complimentary consultations with our experts to answer any questions you may have. We also consider your suggestions and feedback to continually improve our offerings.
  • Tailored Packaging: Our packaging varies based on the destination country, considering both customer preferences and delivery time. We offer whole partridges, frozen and carcass-only (headless, empty stomach). You can choose between cardboard boxes or plastic packaging, with options for quantities of 2 or 6 birds per pack.

Key Points:

  • We prioritize quality and freshness.
  • We offer expert consultations and customization options.
  • Packaging is tailored to your needs and the destination country.

Additional Notes:

  • The original text emphasized the Iranian standard mark, which may not be relevant to all audiences. We've focused on the higher quality aspect.
  • We've removed subjective claims like "feel the freshness under your teeth."
  • The text is reorganized for better readability.

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